Revitalize your
image for the 21st century

“The Medium is the Message” – Marshall McLuhan

Reimagine your print materials

Let our graphics department upgrade the appearance of your synagogues flyers, posters, and bulletins, as well as any other printed material you produce. We can also tweak the language (if you like) – including Hebrew text and citations (which is our specialty).

Refresh your website

Your synagogue has no doubt invested in a website. Does it work well? Does it display properly on smartphones and tablets? We can redesign your site for an attractive price. If you like, we can also host your website at an extremely affordable monthly rate.

Rethink your fundraising journals

Many organizations and institutions rely on the success of an annual dinner journal as their premier fundraising tool. We work hard to create and print your attractive, full-color donor journal at a fraction of your current costs.

Energize members w/a custom app

The world has transitioned to communitate through mobile apps – shouldn't your synagogue, school, or institution? Send your members Push Notifications (whenever you choose); invoice your Hebrew School students, and much more...

Event flyers, promotional posters, and brochures

Spark additional interest in your events by some pizzazz to your publicity.

Fundraising journals and educational pamphlets

Honor your donors -- and/or your students with visually engaging literature.

Responsive Websites

Show off the breadth and depth of your resources on a beautiful website, that can be accessed from a variety of digital devices.

Mobile Apps

Keep your members up-to-date with information and timely notifications that appear directly on the device in the palm of their hand.

Contact us to learn more about what we can do to present your values & vision
in a new light.